Classic Blunt Bob for Successful Women

A universal haircut, which is timeless! It is extremely relevant in the new season in various modifications. Let’s find out the hottest trends!

Stylish, feminine, attractive, relaxed and elegant – all this, without exaggeration, can be attributed to one of the hottest trends in women’s haircuts of the season 2019-2020 ─ a fashionable square. Females love this hairstyle for its versatility and variety of types, among which you can choose the most ideal option, depending on:

  • the shape of your face;
  • the length of your hair;
  • and the method of your desired styling.

It makes possible to create amazing images that Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet so often demonstrate to us. This is very important for business ladies and successful art individuals. A classical variant is a really universal solution for women who have not much time for grooming.

Classical Square

This traditional haircut still remains a welcome choice for modern females. It is characterized by clear cut lines around the face and rounded ends of the strands. For owners of an elongated oval face, the classic variation will become a top choice, with a bang or without it. Let’s read some tips about the issue:

  • The history of the trend of the classic square takes its roots in the post-war period. It is known that after the First World War, women did not have enough time to take care of long, chic curls, so it was easier to cut them along the line just below the earlobe. After all, the everyday styling of the classic option is done fairly quickly and does not require the skills of a stylist.
  • The twenties of the last century were marked by a surge of female identity, or rather, the desire to respect female time & life. Ladies chose short skirts – as a sign of sexual freedom and professional independence, and they cut their hair under a “bob” in order to shock the staggering public.
  • Originally presented with straight hair up to the shoulders, the classic styling haircut was modified. Such recognized fashion gurus as Chanel and Clara Bow helped her with this. Top dancers parted with long hair – a heavy knot and waves should not hamper movement.
  • Women quickly realized that this hairstyle makes the hair look fuller and more voluminous than smooth hairstyles and boring curls. Eyewitnesses testified: real queues lined up in hairdressing salons.
  • Now, after almost hundreds of years of XX century innovation in various variations remains very popular. No wonder: after all, it is able to emphasize the best – huge eyes, sensual lips, daring line of the cheekbones, with the help of its geometry and technological features.

However, if you are not ready to part with long hair, but you want to try something fashionable, choose an elongated version. This option will give you a lot of space for playing up the image.