Three Haircuts with Layers for Short Hair of Fifty-year-old Women

Age is not a reason to stop being beautiful. However, you will have to take into account some tips and more careful approach as what is really the best for your hair and total look in such an elegant age as 50 years. Wrinkles appear on the face and neck, the skin becomes flabbier, and the hair itself loses its former thickness. But there are no reasons to worry if you choose rejuvenating haircuts that are extremely effective.

Some styles are particularly suitable for women in their golden years, distracting attention from all the above shortcomings. In our review, you will see all the most fashionable and beautiful female haircuts for the ladies of this category.

Why short?

Choosing this length, be sure to make a bang. It can be straight or oblique, but not too thin, so as not to turn into icicles.What are the top 3?




 Are you a slim woman? Congratulations! It will make you younger and open your face. Leave a little more length on the top than on the sides to give volume. Due to many different styling options in just 5 minutes, you will turn from a housewife or teacher into a rock star.

With seeming simplicity, pixies have a number of advantages:

  • Fast and very easy styling, for which you will need a minimum set of styling tools.
  • Ultra-short pixie – the best model for the summer.
  • It is the ideal choice for thin locks. The torn ends of the hairstyle will only enhance the effect.
  • Pixie goes well with hair of all shades. Particularly impressive on it look bright colors, highlighting and shading.


Short squad

Short squad looks really elegant. At the same time, it makes a clear oval and even strands. It can be with both straight and side parting. Want even shorter? Ask for a bob which is very OK for any type of face and gives you elegance.




Double cascade

Double cascade – another good solution, allows even a thin hair to look luxurious. If you are the owner of thick and well-groomed hair, be bold enough for this major transformation. The strands can always be put in a stylish mess, adding the image some novelty. With a triangular face, the front strands of this haircut are best lengthened to adjust the cheekbones.



Expert Advice

Read several expert recommendations to make your look irresistible:

  • To hide a square face, make an elongated squad or cascade. The slimmer you are, the shorter the haircut can be. Pixie is ideal for you if you are a very cheerful and active woman by nature.
  • For an oval face, it’s better to pay attention to pixie. If you think this haircut is very boyish, then look at all the classic short haircuts.
  • An item number 1 for a great look is a liquid to cure redness of the eyes and eyelids.

Surprised? But this is logical! Red tears, burst blood vessels, yellowish white eyes – all this inevitably worsens with age. That is why the must-have product in a cosmetic bag.

So think carefully and choose an option.