Top 5 hairstyles to look cool even at the advanced age

This really elegant age is often called as a “golden”.

After 50-60 years, our face begins to change more rapidly and more noticeably than before. You can, of course, “upgrade” the skin by different cosmetology procedures, fill wrinkles with fillers, tighten the oval… But is it worth all the efforts? Is it really impossible to look natural and attractive in these years? The answer is simple: of course, you can! And the right hairdressing and make-up of women of 50 years, as well as expensive cosmetics for makeup will help us in this. So make major changes and your life will be different. With the help of a professional, you will look decent, well-groomed and very attractive!

So there are five major options for elegant ladies:


  • Fashionable bob square


One of the chicest and desirable female hairstyles. This is the choice of many Hollywood divas and designers. The variation with strands extended in front and shortened at the back has remained popular for many years.






  • Extra-long bob square


It looks very stylish on a perfectly smooth hair, and with curled locks. If your hair is naturally curly, this is another reason to prefer it.






  • Double bob


The peculiarity of this hairstyle is two levels: top and bottom. One is elongated, while another is of a standard length. In combination such a technique allows you to create an interesting version of a trendy hairstyle. Double option refreshes and makes the image incredibly exclusive, so if you like to experiment with looks, feel free to choose.


  • Cascade


A popular haircut with a lot of interesting variations which will be relevant in 2019-2020. This hairstyle will be a godsend for females with thin hair, devoid of volume and pomp. Cascade square will make the hair visually more voluminous, adding to it the missing charm, and successfully transform your image.





  • French bob with bangs


If you are an admirer of bangs, then you should definitely try it. This super trendy French innovation is incredibly popular in the new season. It can dramatically transform the appearance. And sometimes it makes wonders, allowing you to correct certain facial features.

If you are looking for art or rock star appeal, add to each option a bit of asymmetry. A real trend of this summer! If you are creative and bold to go beyond the face challenges and are not afraid to experiment with your appearance – follow this trend. It will allow you to add new accents to the look. The advantage of it is the simplicity of performance, which does not require a lot of time for grooming.