How to Radically Change the Image by Choosing a Cool Haircut

New hairdressing may totally change not only your image but life!

There is nothing better and charming than a pixie. Your appearance will get a twist of artist or female rock start with a rebellious spirit.

Here are some options to look really irresistible with this hairstyle:

  • There is a certain type of women for which this variant will be just perfect. It will suit the ladies with straight hair. In this case, the laying does not give you trouble. Too thick strands need to be shaped so that they do not stick out. Sparse thin hair doesn’t need thinning – here it is better to use the multi-layer technique.
  • Before going to the stylist, do a simple experiment – put the strands back and pin them up with invisible ones. Assess your appearance. Like? Go to the salon right now!
  • What to do tight and small curls? They will be difficult to put up, so this hairstyle will not keep the shape. True, for the obedient curls, the strands of pixie are quite permissible, because waves and curls will add a peculiar zest to the image. In this case, it is recommended to use the cascade technique or graduation – they will give the necessary amount of hair.

Pay attention to face shape:

  • Round – maximum length is up to the line of the cheekbones or slightly longer, lush volume at the crown;
  • Triangular – elongated bangs and magnificent top;
  • Square – oblique bangs, distracting the gaze from the wide cheekbones and forehead;
  • Diamond-shaped – the crown should be flat, discard the volume in this part of the head and make a long bang;
  • Elongated – you are a perfect pixie for medium length, but not short strands;
  • Trapezoidal – volumetric bangs and lush temporal parts that will help to hide too narrow forehead;
  • Oval – you go all the options!

How to model your hair before going out? Stylists offer us a lot of beautiful models. Depending on the event for which you are going to visit, or just on the mood, you will be able to create a sloppy, romantic, strict or bold image. And since in the season 2019 is very flexible, the choice is yours.

Like a Hipster

In this case, you should be a little careless, so this pixie does not need to be styled. It seems that you just woke up and went to decorate the world! To shape the strands, apply a little gel or mousse on them. This is the best option for going to a nightclub, movie or party. However, for the office, if there is no creative atmosphere there, use your brush or comb.